Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the Wind

I am working on de-boarding my luxury diggs on the water. It has really been an amazing adventure. I am on my way to the hills of CA via GA. I have a few friends I want to see and catch up with. I have also picked out a few spots to call home. I am really excited. This is what life and working is about. Working to be able to grab the moment and run with it. I am going to have an extra clothing giveaway this year. Why take these with me. Giving that is what we are here for to grow, build, give, multiply and multiply in your giving.

So give me a few days to settle in, I may move as fast as the wind but closing on multiple homes is still as slow as a snail. lol.

But I will see you soon.

I see you JD. The gold room.

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